The 6 Methods of Controlling Pests in Houston Homes and Businesses

The 6 Methods of Controlling Pests in Houston Homes and Businesses

The tactics for controlling pests depends on the specific pests you are targeting. In general, however, most pests can be controlled effectively by employing two or more of the following methods. Your Houston pest control professional can be very effective in identifying which pests are present and how to control them.

1. Sanitation

Sanitation is the first line of defense. Remove the pest’s source of food, water and shelter, such as disposing of trash and garbage where rats and mice live, feed and breed. Remove sources of water that may create a damp environment for pests to breed.

2. Habitat Disruption

Habitat Disruption such as removing old tires or draining areas where mosquitoes breed. Removing cardboard boxes and papers where roaches live and breed. Sealing entry points that squirrels, bats, rats and mice may enter your home to find breeding sites and escape from weather elements

3. Biological Controls

Biological Controls are also effective. Use a pest’s natural enemies against it. Introduce mosquito eating fish into aquatic areas. Adopt a cat for your garage or barn to help against mice.

4. Mechanical Controls

Mechanical Controls are extremely useful especially in areas that are sensitive to chemicals. Using special equipment and/or procedures to immediately remove or exclude a pest from a space. Examples would be traps, glue boards, pheromone traps and designing buildings so that flies, mosquitoes and rats and mice cannot enter.

5. Personal Protection

Personal Protection such as PPE clothing. Use repellents and change your activities to avoid contact with pests. Wear long sleeve shirts and long pants, use repellent, limit your time outdoors between dusk and dawn.

6. Chemical Suppression

Chemical Suppression involves using pesticides to reduce pest problems.

The principles of Integrated Pest Management to prevent and control public health does not preclude the use of chemical pesticides. These pesticides are often vital to the success of a pest management program. When applying a chemical solution it is important to start with the least toxic chemical. Pest control personnel are familiar with which chemicals to utilize in each situation.

Your pest control professional must have knowledge of the pest’s biology and the epidemiology of the disease when necessary. For example, spraying a store bought insecticide on pharaoh ants or rover ants just causes them to move to another location and actually spreads the colony. These ants must be baited to eliminate them.

Surveying and monitoring efforts are used to detect and assess the status of pests and a multi-tactic prevention and control program can be implemented.

By continuously monitoring your pest control program you can insure the best methods for controlling pests are being employed.

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