Can Dogs Scare Mice Away From The Home?

Can Dogs Scare Mice Away From The Home?

We all know that mice are terrified of cats, but how do they feel about dogs? After all, dogs will hunt mice just like cats do.

Are dogs effective deterrents against mouse infestations?

Dogs do scare away mice, and they can lower the odds of an infestation, but if mice are really desperate, a dog will not scare them away from the food or the shelter that they need. Dogs are also not as capable at catching mice as cats, but they are definitely going to attempt it. What makes dogs effective at preventing infestations however are their pheromones. Mice have evolved to detect the pheromones of their predators fairly well, so when they sense the pheromones of a dog, cat, snake or bird of prey in the area, their fight or flight response is immediately triggered and the mice will leave the area.

The dog breeds that are most effective at controlling mouse infestations

There have been several dog breeds which were bred specifically for the purpose of rodent control. These dogs are smaller, with longer snouts, and the breeds include mostly terriers, such as rat terriers, Yorkshire terriers and Lakeland terriers, along with dachshunds, papillons and German pinschers.

More effective prevention methods

If you want to prevent a mouse infestation there are more effective methods that you can employ other than buying a dog, although having a dog can help. To start, it’s important to make sure that mice do not have access to food in your home. All food and potential food should be stored in safe containers – so this includes any food in your pantries, the pet food, and the garbage that is in the home. You then want to make sure that mice have a hard time getting into the home, even if they want to. You can do this by sealing any cracks in the exterior of the home that could be used by mice to gain access.

What to do in case of a mouse infestation

In case an infestation has already started, you will have to work with a pest control company in order to remove it, because mice can be quite evasive of DIY efforts. A pest control team will make sure that an infestation is removed efficiently, and that the odds of reinfestation are greatly lowered. For more information on mouse prevention and control, or if you have an infestation to be removed, contact us today.

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