Backyard Mosquito Control | Houston Mosquito Control Experts

Backyard Mosquito Control | Houston Mosquito Control Experts

Summer is time for beach trips, vacations, and time to relax and enjoy summer evenings in your yard. But did you know that summer is also mosquito season? Yes! Out of the 3,000 different mosquito species that are found on this planet, about 200 species exist in the U.S. alone.

Bleh! This means these tiny bloodsuckers can ruin your backyard summer plans if you don’t control them immediately. So, how can you keep the mosquitoes out of your yard?

Keep scrolling to find out tips and tricks to get rid of mosquitoes and keep your yard mosquito-free.

Let’s dive in.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

Do you know the ways to get rid of mosquitoes from your backyard? Let us discuss some of the ways to keep these flying buggers out of your yard:

  • Apply Chemical Repellants: The application of an insect repellant designed for the backyard can prevent the incoming of mosquitoes. Use these repellents to perimeters of backyards, lawns, and gardens as they can protect these areas for up to eight weeks.
  • Set a mosquito trap: Mosquito traps control the mosquito population. These traps attract mosquitoes to humans by emulating the visual and smell stimuli. Some mosquito traps have a sticky surface, while others electrocute them with an electric grid. The Mosquito Magnet works by vacuuming the mosquitoes up. Remember to place your trap in a shady area.
  • Consider a bug zapper: Zappers electrocute mosquitoes by frying some of these annoying insects. It can be harmful as it also kills some of the beneficial bugs.
  • Eliminate standing water: Adult female mosquitoes breed in standing water. Keep empty all the standing water containers like buckets, ditches, and pet bowls. Check that your plants have enough drainage and keep refreshing your birdbaths at regular intervals.
  • Treat pools and ponds: For water present in pools and ponds which you cannot eliminate, apply liquid larvicide by regularly filtering. Make sure to cover your pool or ponds to avoid mosquitoes laying their eggs.
  • Burn candles: Burning candles around your backyard are a long-time fan favorite for repelling mosquitoes. It will ensure mosquitoes will keep a safe distance.
  • Buy an oscillating fan: The oscillating fan works the same as indoor fans, but it has more space to prevent mosquitoes from entering your backyard than your house.
  • Keep your yard trim and tidy: Manicure your backyard by trimming tall trees, grass, or weeds. It will make your yard less hospitable for mosquitoes.
  • Plant natural deterrents: Mosquito repelling can be pretty too. Decorate with these natural deterrents that will spruce up your backyard. You can plant tulsi, marigolds, basil, garlic, lemongrass, etc., in your backyard to prevent mosquito infestation.
  • Put down cedar mulch: Cedar mulch soaks up excess moisture deterring mosquitoes from settling in your backyard and vegetation.
  • Use Yellow LED Lighting: Mosquitoes do not get attracted to the yellow LED light bulbs. They get attracted to traditional light bulbs.

Wrapping Up

Mosquitoes are a huge annoyance during the summer months, especially when you plan you enjoy a relaxing summer evening but are constantly disturbed by mosquitoes. Dealing with mosquitoes and their itchy bites along with the threat of viruses and disease they transmit isn’t very calming at all.

If you find that mosquito problem in your house is beyond DIY treatments, seek professional help from a licensed pest control company at the earliest to enjoy a mosquito-free summer.

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