Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to structures before they are ever noticed. There are several reasons for this.

Reason #1: Termites are small

Depending on the type of termite, most of the workers are the size of a grain of rice. Winged termites can resemble winged ants. While both species have four wings, the termites’ wings are equal in size while the ants’ front wings are smaller than the back wings. Termites’ wings are twice as long as their body whereas, ants’ wings are in proportion to its body. The antenna of the termite are straight, the ant’s antenna are bent. Ants bodies are segmented the termites bodies are more straight.

Reason #2: Termites are quiet

They silently eat your wood structures without making loud chewing sounds like your mouth breathing friend. You may see bits of fine sawdust called frass. It is actually termite poop. They use frass to build the termite tubes. This is a sign of drywood termites.

Reason #3: Termites are shy

They are not often found out in the open. They like to hide in your walls where all the wood is. Some termites are hidden in mud tubes leading from the ground to your house.

Homeowners might not know what to look for. After termites swarm they drop their wings. If you see a pile of wings outside your home, there is a termite nest nearby.

If you don’t know what to look for, call a pest control professional and have a termite inspection done. If at all possible you should have a yearly termite inspection. They are not expensive and can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

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