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The Role Of Ticks In The Ecosystem

The Role Of Ticks In The Ecosystem Ticks are not only pests, they’re downright life threatening, and if these insects were to go extinct, it probably would not be that big of a loss. Well, that’s not really the case. Despite their nastiness, ticks do serve a purpose in the greater whole, particularly as a

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How to Identify Brown Recluse Spiders

Who doesn’t get freaked out by the  sight of a brown recluse spider? After knowing more about these spider species, a lot of homeowners start imagining them around everywhere. It does not matter how rare these spiders bite, but the name and sight of these spiders will give your spine chills. This spider species is

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Spring Is The Beginning Of The Termite Season | Houston Termite Control Company

Around springtime, you might start noticing a new breed of flying insects, which may travel in swarms. These insects are the reproductive members of a termite colony looking to set up a new nest. They are known as swarmers, and their appearance can signal one of two things: there is a mature colony nearby, perhaps

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Cool Facts About Black Widows

Try to mention the name of the black widow spider, and you will receive frantic glances and exclamations such as “What?” “Where?” However, these spider species aren’t as dangerous and one-dimensional as popular culture suggests. It has a poisonous bite with a strong spider web in which the male spiders become home wreckers, continuing the

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Big-Headed Ants Are Among The Most Common Indoor Ant Pests In Houston

The ants commonly referred to as “big-headed ants” belong to the Pheidole genus, which is made up of more than 1,000 documented species worldwide, several of which are well known pests of homes in the southern US. According to a recent nationwide survey of pest control professionals, big-headed ants were the seventh most frequently managed

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Ants in Your Office: What Next?

Ants knew no bounds. It is annoying to deal with these ants when they invade your house. In the same way, they can invade your office as well. Have you ever seen the ant scurrying around on the office table or getting inside your pants while working? Sounds funny, right? However, these creatures can sting

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Are Silverfish Dangerous? | Houston Pest Control Experts

Have you ever encountered the creepy alien-like bug crawling around you on your property? Or have you ever pulled out your favorite book off the shelf, and you find silverfish darting out? Well, these creepy bugs are enough to give a person heebie-jeebies. But are silverfish dangerous? Do you think they can damage your home?

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How to Keep Your Kitchen Ant-Free?

Do you love your kitchen? Yes. Ok, let us modify the question. Do you love your kitchen with ants? A big no. Every homeowner has to deal with getting rid of ants at some point of time in their life. You will see the iconic line of these pesky pests, marching in a single line,

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Pests Who Love Plumbing

Like most living things, pests need three main things to survive – food, shelter and water. With the colder weather, bugs and rodents will find their way in to your cozy, warm home through cracks in the foundation and gaps in the doors and windows to forage for food. That takes care of the first

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How Crazy Are Crazy Ants? Houston Ant Control Experts

Allow us to introduce crazy ants to all those who think that fire ants are a nuisance to the homeowners. Officially called “Rasberry Crazy Ants,” these ants were first found in Houston in 2002. The exterminator found them in an electrical circuit chewing all the wires and giving an electric shock. Hence, the name crazy

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