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Walking In A Winter Spiderland

Ever wonder why you see fewer spiders in the winter in your home? You thought every bug in the world finds its way into the warmth of your cozy abode, but actually, fewer than five percent of the spiders you see indoors have ever been outdoors – and vice versa. Putting a spider outside in

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Pests Who Love Plumbing

Like most living things, pests need three main things to survive – food, shelter and water. With the colder weather, bugs and rodents will find their way in to your cozy, warm home through cracks in the foundation and gaps in the doors and windows to forage for food. That takes care of the first

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At the end of each year, people compile “top” lists of their top favorite songs, top TV shows, and so on. This year will be remembered for so many things, not the least of which might be the Top Three Pests in Houston! Although there are, unfortunately, an abundance of annoying critters in the city,

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De-Bugging Your Pantry

Nothing says “let’s bake” like a quarantine! It’s understandable that people staying at home find comfort in the smells, tastes and fun of baking. Add the pending holidays to the mix, and you have a recipe for an all-out baking explosion! Earlier this summer, the grocery shelves were often bare in the baking aisle. But

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Now Hear This: These Spiders Hear Prey With Their Legs!

Looks aren’t everything – especially if your name is the Ogre-Faced Spider. But what this guy lacks in beauty, he makes up for in talent. With gargantuan monster-like eyes – the largest of any spider – they can spot prey in the dark. And they can hear a surprising range of sounds from more than

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How To Protect Your Garden From Winter Wildlife

Winter can be a very difficult time for wildlife, with plummeting temperatures and scarce food. Reduce the risk of garden damage by starting in fall to protect your landscape from them this winter. Squirrels, rodents, rabbits and deer will wander into your yard in search of shrubs and nuts to eat. Wildlife do have a

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Is Your Attic An Animal Apartment?

 Attics are typically filled with insulation, holiday decorations and, sometimes, rodents and fuzzy pests. Its quiet darkness is the perfect place for critters to seek warmth and solace. Since there is no food or people up there, you won’t find ants, cockroaches or bed bugs in the attic. Here are the types of furry creatures

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Bee-ware Of Bees All Year Long

According to the prediction for this year’s Houston winter by Farmer’s Almanac, it will be milder and drier than normal, with below-normal snowfall in places that normally receive snow. Bees can remain active all winter long, unlike some insects that lay eggs in the fall then die in the winter only to be succeeded by

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Interview With Woody The Termite | Houston Termite FAQ’s

There are two types of homes in Houston: those that have termites and those that will have them. Your home is your biggest single investment, so protecting it should be a top priority. Termites cost Texans hundreds of millions of dollars each year. That’s why it’s important to know about more about them.   We

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Allergies to Bugs is Nothing to Sneeze At

Aside being gross and germy, many insects can really provoke panic in asthma and allergy sufferers.  And they’re not just a warm-weather problem; most are found all year long in homes and buildings. Some don’t even need to bite or sting to cause a problem. Cockroaches can spark allergies, without biting or stinging you, through

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