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Bee Positive: Teaching Children About Insects

What is it about bugs that fascinates kids? They’re fuzzy, have wings, lots of legs and sometimes light up! Rather than squishing every bug, there are some ways to guide a child’s interest and challenge them. The more they know, the more of a healthy appreciation and respect they will have for bugs and other

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Does Your Insurance Cover Termite and Pest Damage? Probably Not, and Here’s Why

You pay for homeowner’s or renter’s insurance  to guard against any unexpected  and hefty bills. It gives you some peace of mind and helps you sleep at night. But what if while you’re sleeping, a colony of termites are eating away at your humble abode – and your savings? Are you covered? Each year it

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Tick, Tock: Time to Get a Grip on Ticks

As more people head outdoors to dine, play, camp and visit these days, ticks are licking their chops! While ticks are most often  a problem in warm weather, they pose a threat year-round due to their resilience in all different types of climate conditions. And Texas winters are not all that harsh. Ticks are not

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Think You’re Done With Mosquitoes for the Fall? Think Again.

Summer is coming to a close and you can say b’bye to mosquitoes. Right? Houston typically ranks in the top three major cities nationally for mosquitoes, so  where do all those mosquitoes go in the winter? Like all insects, mosquitoes  are cold-blooded creatures, so their temperature is essentially the same as their surroundings. That’s why

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How To Recognize The Jumping Spider Species That Live Almost Exclusively Within Homes And Buildings

With the exception of snakes, spiders are the most commonly feared animals, so it is not surprising that spiders are among the most frequently managed arthropod pests within homes and buildings in the US. Just like insects, centipedes, millipedes, scorpions, ticks, mites, and crustaceans, spiders belong to the phylum Arthropoda, which is made up of

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Which Organic Waste Materials Found Within And Around Homes And Buildings Support Large Reproductive Populations Of Indoor Fly Pests?

The insect pests of homes and buildings that are commonly referred to as “flies” include the common house fly (Musca domestica), and numerous other closely related species like fruit flies, blow flies, and drain flies. The fly pest species that breed on organic waste materials in urban and suburban environments are aptly referred to as

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How Are Tawny Crazy Ants Able To Establish Colonies Consisting Of Billions Of Individual Inhabitants?

Nylanderia fulva, more commonly known as the “Tawny crazy ant,” and formerly known as the “raspberry crazy ant,” is an exotic South American native ant species that has established an invasive habitat in the southern Gulf Coast states where they invade homes and buildings in massive numbers. Workers of this species are reddish-brown and very

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Everything Houston Homeowners Should Know About Formosan Subterranean Termite Swarms

Along with cockroaches and ants, termites are the most commonly managed insect pests within homes and buildings in Texas, especially in Houston where multiple termite pest species thrive in the city’s subtropical coastal climate. Unfortunately for Houston homeowners, the most voracious wood-eating termite pest species in the world has been infesting structures in the city

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Cypress Creek Pest Control shares information and tips to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses

Long summer days and balmy nights spent outside can quickly be ruined by the telltale buzz of a relentless mosquito on the hunt for its next meal. The itchy, red reminders mosquitoes leave behind should be enough of an indication to take precautions against these pests, but  Cyprress Creek Pest Control reminds the public that

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How To Pinpoint The Hidden Indoor Spaces Where Cockroaches Are Congregating, And How They Can Be Flushed Out And Eliminated

The insect pests that are particularly difficult to eliminate from infested homes are best controlled by adhering to the principles of integrated pest management. IPM is an approach to pest control that focuses on preventing infestations by combining multiple non-chemical control methods. IPM allows for the use of EPA-approved insecticides as a last resort when

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