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Termites Can Cause Extensive Damage

Termites are small in size, but very big in impact. Every year, termites cost homeowners a fortune in repairs and maintenance due to the damages that they cause. Many homeowners do not realize and recognize the negative repercussions of having a termite infestation in their abode. The impact of a termite infestation isn’t always limited

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The Noisy Termites

Do you think your home or place of work is infested by termites? Are you looking for signs that your home has been attacked by these infamous critters? If the answer is yes, then keep scrolling because you are on the right page. So, what is the most obvious sign of termite infestation? Being observant

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Could Termites Be Inside Your Walls?

Walls are an integral and strong element of every house, as they provide structural support and protection. As strong as they are, walls are also extremely vulnerable and susceptible to repeated termite damage that could prove fatal for any property. By looking out for signs of termites in your walls, you can potentially spot an

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What Are Hobo Spiders? Hobo spiders (Tegenaria agrestis) are named after their method of expanding their distribution by hooking rides with humans. They are mostly found in the Pacific Northwest or north-western region in the United States. However, their reach is expanding. Hobo spiders are funnel weavers that can create a layered, flat web with

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How To Prevent Wasp Infestations

If you’ve ever dealt with a wasp infestation, one thing is for sure, you never want to have to deal with it again. Wasps are noisy, annoying, and they can sting you unprovoked. Many summers are ruined by these pests. This is why, in this article, we’re going to go over some of the methods

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Help! | I Have Bed Bugs In My Office

Bed Bugs – Don’t let the name trick you and make you think that they are found only in beds. Bed bugs feed on human blood, which means they can be found in every place where humans exist — including offices. Yes! You got to trust us. Bed bug infestations are not just limited to hotels

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7 Must-Know Facts About Ticks

Ignorance is not always bliss. Well! At least not in the case of ticks. These blood feasting parasites are a nuisance, creepy, and transmit potentially-life threatening infectious diseases. If you have pets and have spotted ticks on them, then you must have taken the Google route to know more about ticks, prevention tips, and removal

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5 FAQs About Termite Control | Houston’s Termite Experts

Termites are a destructive lot – they can feed on your furniture and any other wooden structures in your house. Besides, they are annoying – can you imagine the sight of these pests crawling around your home when you have guests?  Preventing and controlling termites can be a confusing and daunting affair, especially if you

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Identification of The Two Most Venomous Spiders found in the U.S

“Oh my God, a spider, kill it! KILL IT NOW!” Sounds familiar? With the presence of over 3,000 spider species in the United States alone, at the first sight of a spider roaming your house, these types of outbursts are quite common. As an act of self-defense, we immediately grab a newspaper or the next

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Flying Termites: Identification, Sings, and Prevention

Did you just spot a termite with wings? Or is it a flying ant? Or a housefly? How do I identify? Hold your thoughts! We all have heard about the number of damage termites can cause. And confusing flying termites with some other flying insect is a huge risk. Also, it is important to understand

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