Professional pest control services are vital for your company’s bottom line. The benefits to your Houston business, your employees, your customers and your peace of mind far outweigh the risks you take by leaving potential pest issues up to chance. Talk to a Cypress Creek Pest Control representative to find the best plan for your business today. Fill out our form and a Cypress Creek Pest Control representative will be in touch with you soon.

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      How We Help Houston Area Businesses with Pest Control

      Taking proactive action against pests makes the most business sense for any Houston company that wants to protect its reputation, financial assets, environmental safety, and customer and employee health. One of the most effective ways to take this action is with Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

      WHAT IS IPM?
      Integrated Pest Management refers to the process of using the least invasive methods of controlling pests. The approach is based on knowledge of pest lifecycles and their interaction with the environment, resulting in a series of pest control methods that cause the least amount of impact on the environment. While chemicals may still be an option, they are typically only used as a last resort if other methods have not been effective.

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      We’ve helped exterminate pests from over 12,000 homes and businesses in Houston. We pride ourselves on performing quality work. Don’t just take our word for it.

      Kelly B.

      “Travis came out and took care of the entries and everything else that needed to be sealed off to keep the rodents out. He was friendly, professional and did an outstanding job for us.”


      “Friendly associates both in person when our building is serviced as well as the admin group when I call about an invoice or have a question about our contract.”


      “It’s easy to make an appointment at our convenience. The tech’s come on time and explain what they’re going to do. Then they do it quickly and efficiently. Nice people, nice experience.”

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