• Where Are Termites From?

    Where Are Termites From?

    If you know where termites come from, you know how you can keep them out. A common misconception is that termites come from rotting wood. However, this is not true. That is simply what they mostly eat. The termite species that is most commonly found in home infestations comes from the ground, where these termites

  • Effective Strategies For Termite Resistance

    Effective Strategies For Termite Resistance

    Termites are widespread across the US, and they are responsible for substantial damage to unprotected buildings that use wood as a material. Most of this damage comes from subterranean termites, but recently, a new species has been raising alarms. The Formosan termite is currently found mostly in the southern states, but its population is increasing

  • Treating A Fire Ant Sting

    Treating A Fire Ant Sting

    There are two types of fire ants in the US. There are native fire ants and imported fire ants, and it’s the latter that you have to keep an eye out for. They’re the one with the painful sting that will aggressively swarm anyone who gets close to their nest. History Red imported fire ants

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