• The 5 Most Common Spider Species In The US

    The 5 Most Common Spider Species In The US

    With over 3,000 spider species in North America, it might seem hard to identify which one is infecting your home. However, out of all of them, five species are much more likely to be encountered in the home. In this article, we’re going to cover these five species, along with their behavior and the threats

  • Getting Rid Of Norway Rats

    Getting Rid Of Norway Rats

    The Norway rat, also known as the sewer or street rat, is a rodent that hails from Asia, and which reached the US sometime around the 1700s. This rodent is currently spread all over the world, which speaks to its ability to survive and reproduce. What does a Norway rat look like? When you encounter

  • Ant Species Identification

    Ant Species Identification

    Most ant species are very similar from a physiological perspective. Tiny and black, with six legs, two antennae and a segmented body, we all know an ant when we see one. But what if we’re looking for a particular species. In this article, we’re going to help you tell the difference between common household ant

  • Carpenter Ant Prevention

    Carpenter Ant Prevention

    Of all the ant species that you could have in your home, carpenter ants are probably the worst. While most ant species will simply scurry around looking for food, carpenter ants will actually destroy your home. Similarly to termites, carpenter ants destroy wood, using it as a medium in which they can build their colonies.

  • Essential Information About Rats

    Essential Information About Rats

    Rats are medium-sized rodents that originally hail from Asia. They are currently found on almost every continent, with over 60 species of known rats. The rat species that we are most familiar with will usually grow to be larger than 8 inches, with the largest species being the Bosavi woolly rat, which can reach the

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