• Poisonous Rats? They Exist!

    Poisonous Rats? They Exist!

    Rats don’t need any help to freak us out, but it turns out that there is a species out there that is actually poisonous. If you see an African crested rat, the first thing you notice is the complete lack of fear and skittishness that is so common among other rats. In fact, its demeanor

  • A Guide To The Various Tick Species

    A Guide To The Various Tick Species

    As the weather warms up in, we can’t wait to go outside after spending the winter cooped up inside our homes. Ticks are well aware of this, which is why they also come out and play. These parasites pose a significant health risk to both animals and humans, since they can spread dangerous diseases such

  • The Buzz About Bees & Humans

    The Buzz About Bees & Humans

    Physically, bees and humans couldn’t be more different. But recent studies have shown surprising similarities in the way humans and bees socially interact within their species. A team of researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, building on their earlier studies, have experimentally measured the social networks of honey bees and how they develop over

  • Live Christmas Tree Demand Growing, So Watch For Bugs

    Live Christmas Tree Demand Growing, So Watch For Bugs

    “O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, such pleasure do you bring me.” So says this classic Christmas song. And many Americans agree, especially this year as they remain at home looking for things that bring them joy and pleasure. Tree farms, shops and big box stores are reporting that their live 2020 Christmas tree inventory

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